Need some Game of Thrones-ish candle stands? They won’t kill your cat!

Games of Thrones-ish Candlestands on Craigslist! 

ATTN: Lord Tyrion!

I’ve found more stands for all of the million candles in your chamber!

“These are hard to photograph since they are black but this is the best one. 2 are 29″ high and 1 is 16” high. each has a big, fat spike in which to torture the best that Yankee Candle has to offer. These will not be toppled by a cat or small dog, so your beloved pet will not burn down your apartment. My cat has tried and failed to knock them over several times yet I live to sell these to you today.

They have heft to them. You can picture Aria getting angry and using one to bash in someone’s head (not a recommended use for Candlestands) for mocking the slaughter of her family. They are perfect for putting on a table and then getting a bottle of that Semi Sweet Georgian wine that comes in the ceramic bottle and then covering up the real label and putting “Dornish Wine” on instead. I guarantee these candlestands to enhance any cosplay type dinner party, except for maybe one where everyone dresses as a robot. For $5 more I will include a Smith & Wesson Flashlight so then it can change from Medieval Funtime to Hurricane Preparedness for just $5 more.

Click the reply button and I will give you my phone number. I do not want people who read the books to call me and tell me I got everything wrong.

And good luck to him!

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