Best NES Title Theme goes to Solstice!!!!!!!!!


After saving enough money to buy my first NES (at my neighbor’s yard sale), my dad took me to the GameStop in a half-abandoned mall in Delaware and told me I could buy one of the used games in the $5 and under bin. Things were looking pretty grim until I spotted a cartridge with an image of a fucking wizard in a blue cloak, floating on a pink rock with a green bottle of potion which he appeared to be throwing defensively…  I had no idea what the premise of the game was, neither did the staff. But wizards are awesome, so that’s all I needed to know. SOLD. And boy did I chose the right game. Solstice is comprised of potions and spiked floors and isometric puzzles, etc. It’s a fun game, and without the manual it was pretty much impossible to win. But the title theme is one of the games most redeeming qualities, and I used to listen to it- in it’s entirety- EVERY TIME I PLAYED in order to get SUPER PUMPED.

Listen & Prepare… to get super pumped:

Solstice Title Theme – NES

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