New Survey Indicates Pinterest is More Depressing than Stupid or Pointless

Pinterest Stress

“Pinterest is largely a site of unrealized dreams.”  -Jenna Andersen, Palo Alto, CA

Jesus. That’s some dark shit!

According to the most important survey that’s ever been taken today, Pinterest is making moms cry. The reason? Pinterest Stress. Yes, it’s a real thing. And it’s a disease. On the Internet!

As reports, nearly “half of the moms in America” (really, guys?) feel that Pinterest often creates unreasonable expectations for them when they’re making stuff at home. Which is stressful. For moms. Like… learning how to clean out your curling iron properly or making glittery birthday cards? I don’t know. I guess it really is hard, trying to make a paper flower bouquet and getting the right kind of glue so that you don’t fuck it up and take it all out on your kids. Don’t make me get crafty!

From what I understand, Pinterest is a sort of virtual mood board. It’s a place to source and collect pictures of all the stupid crap you could ever want to look at, buy or make. I’ve tried using it but I always get distracted- most likely a result of my EXTREME DISINTEREST. Good thing, too! Instead of writing this post I could be crying into a boiling pot of mason jars. Try these homemade pickles. They were made with vinegar, pepper, sadness and an overwhelming fear of inadequacy.

If you’re one of the 42% of moms out there losing your shit over Pinterest, but especially if you’re not, please read this article Making Peace… With Pinterest because it’s fucking retarded and hilarious.

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