With This Collar: Fifty-ONE Shades of Grey? Or Fifty-TWO?!!!


Ooh, la-la! With This Collar is another steamy erotic novel by another unforgettable romance novelist whose name I can’t seem to remember. I can’t wait to feel weird when I see old ladies reading it on the subway with their legs crossed! And it must already be a hit, because it’s available on Amazon and it’s selling for the handsome price of $0.99! WHAT A DEAL!

Honestly, I just hope this Sierra Cartwright lady explores some new fetishes. I’m so sick of people getting tied up or eaten by sexy vampires. I just want a steamy tale about a man in love with a can-opener. It’s doable. Trust me. I mean, I’ve actually thought of entering into the romance novel industry myself- or, I should say, letting the romance novel industry enter ME. Because I want to put my sexy words inside of you. The only potential issue is that all of my books would basically end up reading like this:

I didn’t know if he was going to put it in. Then he put it in. I’m glad he finally put it in.


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