What’s a Zune? Some sorta iPhone?

One of the least shocking developments of 2011, today marks the death of the Zune. 

I mean, come on. Who owns a Zune, anyway? Grade school teachers who are trying to be hip? Marine biologists? Local radio show contest winners? I don’t know if I’ve met single person with a Zune. But I’m pretty sure if I did they’d be really belligerent if I teased them about it, like the people who live in North Jersey that get really defensive when you ask how long their commute is.

Microsoft plans to continue working with Zune software for Windows and smartphones, which is a big relief for all of the ten people out there using Zune instead of iTunes. Let it go, Microsoft!

The bigger question is… what are they going to do with all of the remaining corpses lingering on Walmart shelves and collecting dust in warehouses?



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