RIP: The Facebook Gift Shop, Founder of Pointless Crap, Dies on August 1st

The Facebook Gift Shop, offspring of the equally obnoxious E-cards and various online charities, will be closing its imaginary doors. I’ll really miss having to choose between countless holiday/event appropriate images. Without the [pretend] Gift Shop around it might become difficult for Facebook users to express themselves without time, thought or words.

“The Facebook Gift Shop is Closing on August 1st. At that date, you will no longer be able to give new gifts from the Gift Shop. The gifts you’ve already received on your wall will remain visible and you will still be able to view your sent and received gifts on your gifts page. Learn more about this change in our recent blog post.”

How will I ever find another way to uniquely display my feelings for my Aunt or that dude I met at karaoke a year ago without a Gift Shop filled with fake gifts at my fingertips? Without the gift of an image of a Pink Floyd album cover [instead of buying the album] or a dated holiday-related picture of Garfield [to mask my disdain]? Or a fake cake [fatties]? Crap. And no more make-believe Easter Eggs, people. Deal with it.


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