GET OVER IT: Kids suffer modern TV/PC Voodoo

Everything is bad for you. Until it’s not. Here is a clip from an article I read this morning:

“Early exposure to computer screens in schools and nurseries is threatening the development of a generation of young children, a top psychologist warns today.

Dr. Aric Sigman is demanding a ban on screen technology in education until children reach nine, to enable them to learn about the ‘real world’ first.”

-Laura Clark, Mail Online

Read more:

Ugh. Get over it!

Steven J. Kirsh, a Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York, wrote a book about Media and the effect is has on youth in today’s society. He writes:

“In ancient Greece, youthful morals and values were thought to fall prey to the spoken word, as Socrates’ trial and exectuion were meant to illustrate. In the 1700s, the written word was labeled by the Church as a bastion of evil, a belief that would persist for centuries.”

Yeah, centuries. My point being that children will only “suffer their environment” if they have been taught to bend to its potential abuse. After all these years, findings have led to one truly negative influence in the development and well-being of today’s youth: their parents. Be good to your kids, moms and dads. Don’t be assholes. 


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